How does the clearance process work

We clear estates, apartments, houses, attics, cellars, offices, commercial spaces, and other places. We conduct ourselves courteously and adhere to your needs and agreed-upon rules. We perform our work at a reasonable price and in perfect quality. Our employees have years of experience, and we are happy to assist you with everything.

How the clearance process works, how we determine the price, and the way we operate


What is the price for clearance and how much will it cost?

The price for clearing space is calculated based on the volume of what we remove and dispose of. The price is then calculated per cubic meter (m3) of waste. This price includes all the work, such as dismantling, bagging, removal, and disposal. We also offer additional services, such as whether you want the spaces to be painted, disinfected, cleaned, etc. These services come at an additional cost, and the estimate will be provided after the clearance of the space when the complexity, for example, when all walls are visible and the painting process can be determined. The type of waste we are disposing of can also affect the price. For example, there is a different price for rubble compared to regular waste. However, the price is typically determined based on the volume of the cleared items, where we set a price per cubic meter of waste, which includes all the work like dismantling, loading, removal, and waste disposal. We will take all these factors into account in our estimate, which our colleagues will provide on-site before starting the work. We will also guarantee that this estimate will not be exceeded. Payment is always made after the work is completed, when you take over the cleared spaces, inspect how the items are loaded in the vehicles, and determine how much space they occupy.


We always stick to our price estimate.

Once we receive basic information from you, either through the inquiry form or over the phone, our specialists will ask you for additional details and try to estimate the clearance price for you immediately over the phone. Alternatively, we may suggest a personal meeting to assess what needs to be cleared, allowing us to provide the most accurate estimate of the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of. In the case of a personal visit, we will provide you with the final price for the space clearance, which we will guarantee will not be increased. If we provide you with an estimate over the phone, it will always be clarified on-site before starting work, and our colleague will set the maximum amount for clearing the designated space. The duration of the work, whether it is easy or difficult, or if the dismantling is more complex, does not matter to us. We always charge based on the volume of waste (m3) that we remove and dispose of, and all work related to clearing and waste disposal is already included in this price. Therefore, our colleagues will always try to estimate the maximum possible volume of items to be disposed of. In the event that the volume is larger than estimated, we will not charge you extra for the additional volume compared to the estimate. However, it often happens that the volume is smaller than estimated because all items designated for disposal are broken down and stacked in the vehicle. For example, a wardrobe that our colleagues break down into boards takes up less space than when it is in its assembled state.


Dismantling, Disconnecting, Breaking, and Bagging

All items that need to be disposed of must be professionally dismantled, disassembled, or completely broken down. This allows us to fit more waste into the vehicle, makes it easier to handle when carrying up stairs, and can even shorten the unloading time at the recycling center. A good example is a wardrobe that, when broken down into boards, takes up less space in the vehicle, allowing us to fit more items. If you have items, such as those in cabinets, that you also want to dispose of, we will put them in bags and take them away as well. All of these tasks are already included in our clearance price, and you won’t be charged extra for bags.


List of Items to be Cleared and Disposed of

First, it’s important to decide which items you want to dispose of and which you don’t. We’d also like to know what type of items we will be disposing of. For example, is it the complete contents of an apartment, just furniture, general clutter, or perhaps only office chairs? We can agree on partial clearances or complete ones. <strong>If you give us tasks and only come when the job is done or assist and supervise our work throughout, both options work for us.</strong>


Where Will We Be Clearing?

To plan everything comfortably and prepare thoroughly, we’ll need to know the address where we will be coming to, whom we will meet on-site, who to call, or whose doorbell to ring.


Location Details

We’d also like to know details like which floor the apartment is on, whether there is an elevator available, or if there are neighbors who prefer not to be disturbed, so we need to be mindful of noise. It’s also important to know if it’s possible to drive to the location or how far parking is from the site.


Option for a Personal Inspection or Sending Photos for an Accurate Price Estimate

We would be happy to visit you and plan the entire operation together on-site. At the same time, we will be able to immediately suggest a budget for the entire clearance. Another option is to send photos of the items you want to dispose of. We can often determine the exact price based on photographic documentation of the space being cleared.


We Are Gentle and Considerate

We understand human emotions, and it’s often unpleasant to watch someone destroy a chair you once sat in, especially when you have certain memories attached to specific items. We’re happy to discuss these details with you, and we certainly respect emotional attachments in the case of estates. Lastly, it’s important to maintain good neighborly relations, so we often avoid creating excessive noise that could disturb neighbors. Cleaning common areas after clearance is a standard practice for us.


We Load, Transport, Unload, and Dispose of Everything

That’s our job; we enjoy it, we’re courteous, and we wear company uniforms. Even though we will all be the center of attention on that day and might not be liked by everyone, we will always strive to behave politely and do our work professionally. If we use an elevator, we will coordinate with you to protect it, ensuring it is not soiled or damaged. We will sweep and clean hallways and stairs. After loading all items into the vehicle, we will hand over the apartment to you and show or photograph the contents of the vehicle. We will take care of disposing of the items after we leave.


How Can Clearance Be Paid For?

Once the work is completed, you will provide the agreed-upon compensation. The final amount will always be clarified before work begins. The final amount is always determined by the volume of waste that was disposed of and whether any additional tasks were requested during the execution, such as painting, cleaning, or disinfection. The final amount is paid after the work is completed, either in cash on-site or by card payment with us, or by a bank transfer to our account. An invoice will always be sent via email.


We Clear on Weekends and Without Extra Charges

We are happy to adjust to your schedule and will come at any time during the week or on weekends.


12 Heavy Items and Stairs Are Without Extra Charges

At our company, heavy items like washing machines, refrigerators, or large sofas are entirely without extra charges. This is also considering the floor you live on.


13 With or Without an Elevator, No Extra Charges

Whether you have an elevator or not, we don’t differentiate. The price is always the same, based on the volume of items we remove, measured in cubic meters.


No Travel Costs, We Arrive Free of Charge

We will come to you anywhere in the Czech Republic, and we don’t charge you for transportation.


We Guarantee the Agreed Price

We guarantee the upper limit of the agreed price, which we will not exceed, even if we end up taking more items than estimated.


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